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Can You Imagine a Wedding Day Without any Music?
We Didn’t Think So…

You can just play some songs from an iPod or a CD, of course. But if your guests are real music fans, there’s nothing quite like live music to captivate their attention – and give your wedding day that genuine “wow” factor.

That’s where Clementine come in. We’re a young, yet highly-experienced, musical duo who play beautiful acoustic music that’s perfect for wedding ceremonies, afternoon drinks receptions, and wedding breakfasts.

Laid-Back Acoustic Songs

It’s your wedding day, not a rock concert. We know that your guests aren’t just there to listen to music – they’ll want to talk to each other, too.

We use a small, high-quality amplifier for our instruments and our voices. This means that we can set the volume level just right, so guests who want to talk can talk – and those who just want to float off and listen to the music can do that, too.

Professional & Experienced

Of course you’ll want highly-talented musicians to play at your wedding – you should expect nothing less. But musical skill isn’t the only thing that’s important.

You need musicians who can play a wide range of songs that all your guests – young and old – will love. You’ll need them to be polite and friendly to your wedding guests, too.

You’ll need people who you can absolutely trust to turn up on the day, and on time. You’ll also need people who can supply all the right insurance paperwork to keep your wedding venue happy, and to avoid any nasty surprises.

Fun, Friendly & Hassle-Free

We know that booking live music is just one of many things you’ll be thinking about when you’re organising your wedding. That’s why we try and make it as easy as possible for you, so you can concentrate on enjoying one of the most important days of your life!

Once we’ve confirmed our availability and price, we’ll send you our paperwork. Just sign and return this to us, and pay a small up-front deposit (either by cheque or bank transfer) and you’ll have secured our services on your wedding date. It’s easy!

Clementine acoustic duo

Live music for wedding ceremonies

Whether it’s at a church or a civil venue, we can provide the perfect music for your wedding ceremony:

  • as your guests arrive and take their seats
  • during the processional (when you walk down the aisle)
  • while you’re signing the register
  • as you and your guests leave

We use a small, compact sound system, which takes hardly any time to set up and pack away. This is perfect if you have to be out of the venue quickly (some venues hold more than one wedding ceremony in a day, for example). It’s also useful if you want us to move outdoors, or play in a different room while your guests enjoy their afternoon drinks. Speaking of which…

Background Music for Afternoon Drinks

After the ceremony, it’s normally time for your photographer to whisk you away to have some photos taken. Whilst you’re busy being snapped, your guests will be enjoying a drink and a chat.

This can be a great time to add some live music to your day, and make a real feature of this part of the afternoon.

If it’s nice weather, we can join you all outside, too.

Music for Your Wedding Breakfast

How about some music while you eat?

Your wedding breakfast can be a great time to add some acoustic background music. Best of all, you won’t be elsewhere having photos taken – so you’ll get to enjoy the music along with your guests!

Entertainment for Your Evening Party

Are you considering booking a live band for your evening party, too?

We (that’s Martha and Joel from Clementine) also make up two-thirds of professional party band Supernovas. Book both acts together and we can offer you a discount package. We’ll even include a DJ in the breaks when the band aren’t playing.

(And don’t worry – we’ve made sure the playlists for both acts are totally different, so you won’t have to listen to the same songs played twice!)

Are we Available on Your Wedding Day?

Unfortunately, we can’t be in more than one place at the same time! This means our availability is strictly limited – once a date has been booked in our diary, it’s gone.

So… if you already know the date of your wedding, why not contact us today to see if we’re available? It only takes a few seconds, and there’s nothing to lose!

All you need to do is tell us the date and location of your wedding. We’ll get back to you quick-sharp with our availability, and a firm price. And there’s absolutely no obligation, either – if we don’t hear back from you, we won’t hassle you.

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We have been to wedding breakfasts before
and this has been what was missing.

– Mark & Mandy, Nov 2013

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