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There’s Something Different About Our Videos…

Unlike many wedding musicians, our videos are all genuine live performances.
No miming. No expensive recording studios to tweak the sound. No auto-tune.
Why? Because we want you to hear exactly what we’ll sound like when we play at your wedding.

Did You Know…

…that many wedding bands and singers are miming on their videos? Even if the video looks like a live performance, often the sound has been recorded earlier in a professional recording studio. Sometimes you can see little clues in the video, like a guitar that isn’t plugged in, or a drum kit that doesn’t have any microphones on it. And even when it isn’t that obvious, we see some videos where the sound quality is just way too polished to be a genuine live performance.

Either way, we think this is seriously dishonest. Surely you want to know how good a singer will actually sound when they’re performing at your wedding? (And not how good they can sound with the help of a professional record producer, and thousands of pounds worth of someone else’s equipment.)

That’s why we’ve made our website a:

  • Miming free zone. The sound you’ll hear on our videos was recorded at exactly the same time as the video. This is what we’ll actually sound (and look) like when we’re playing at your wedding. Listen carefully and you can even hear the birds tweeting in the background!
  • Auto-tune free zone. We can guarantee that no Auto-tune was used in the making of these videos. Or for our audio samples. What you’re hearing is 100% real, live singing.
  • Recording studio free zone. All of the videos and sound recordings were made by us, using the same equipment we use when we’re playing live. Once again, we want you to hear what we’ll really sound like when we’re playing for you.

So watch, listen and enjoy! And if you have any questions about our videos, or about booking Clementine for your wedding, just get in touch.

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U were AMAZING!!!!! I have already passed your number on twice! Hope u don’t mind! X


– Birthday party

Castle Donington, Leicestershire
25th May 2013